a unique design process

MoonLake CyberSmiths WebDesign provides real value-added at every step of the development of your site, at extremely reasonable rates, a rare combination in this industry. We follow a multi-phase process, unique in the industry, working in partnership with you to create your effective and original web presence: (click the links or just scroll them all)
Step 1: Diagnose:
Unlike designers who give you 'canned' sites, we start your project learning from you who you are, what your goals are, who your target audience is, and helping you clarify and refine these answers. The content, look and feel, and structure of your site all will be tailored to reflect these factors, unique to your company. This extraordinary diagnostic phase is critical for the ultimate success of your site, yet is often neglected by 'off the shelf' design firms. It forms the foundation of a strategic plan that guides the rest of the project, provides a good evaluation tool in the future, and informs the ongoing evolution of your site.
Step 2: Structure:
Now we blueprint the basic architecture of your site, considering what pieces are crucial to achieve your goals, and how users are likely to move through your site. Collaboratively, we'll develop a logical sitemap, such as this one. We'll create an intuitive, user-friendly navigation interface (another often overlooked, yet critical, step.) Then we design the graphic look of the site, congruent with the content, your company image, and the target audience. We'll create original graphics for your standard web-page elements, as well as integrating your own or our designed-to-order special graphics, to give your site an attractive and consistent appearance and facilitate easy navigation. We'll produce a project page like this sample that allows for interactive feedback from your whole organization.
Most critically, we will design with an eye to making your new site "Responsive": assuring it works and looks great actoss all different screen size, from iPhone to HDTV. Benefits of responsive design include:
Step 3: Produce:
Into the newly-developed interface and blueprint will go your content. While existing print materials form a good basis for your new site, the Web environment and user habits require an understanding of the Net's special demands. MoonLake CyberSmiths WebDesign provides that understanding. We offer services from quick edits to full writing of content with an eye to the special considerations of writing effectively for the Web. We'll add interactivity to your site, including inquiry forms and a particular strength of ours: community-building. For instance, we can create and install a Bulletin Board system allowing users to interact with each other and your company, fostering retention and good will. It is in this step, too, that any e-commerce, database, or web application elements are developed with our network of skilled programmers and database specialists.
Step 4: Beta-Test:
Throughout the process, we work as partners: you control the direction of the design and provide frequent feedback; we provide on-going consultation regarding strategic decisions and the market. Through development we continually test the evolving product for proper coding, responsiveness, and SEO as well as look and feel. Once the basic site is complete, we will work with you to 'beta test' the site, putting it through rigorous use by people in your company as well as those that represent your target audience, under our direction in focus groups and real-world testing. We'll test for and respond to reactions to the look and feel, ease of use and intuitive navigation, usefulness and completeness of content, facility of interactive elements, and overall effectiveness of the site. And of course, all our sites fully pass all validation and responsiveness analysis.
Step 5: Install:
Once your new site passes the beta testing with flying colors, we will install it (and any special scripts and applications) on either your in-house server or our super-reliable, super-fast servers, and you're up and running! We offer a variety of hosting plans and services to fit every need and budget. We'll walk you through the process of obtaining domain registration (and continue to manage them as long as you host with us) and provide savvy tips on promoting your new site to increase exposure and hit the ground running, and we'll stay in touch to make sure your launch goes as smoothly as possible.
Step 6: Evolve:
Your new site is up, but you can't stop there! Updating content, responding to user feedback, evolving with the market. new technology, and company strategies are all part of a savvy game plan. We can provide ongoing maintenance of your site for very reasonable fees, including revising and adding content, new graphics, revised navigation structure, development of interactive elements, and continued marketing and promotion. Or we can train your in-house staff to provide routine site maintenance.
And the factor that makes us stand out from the rest: MoonLake CyberSmiths' incredibly responsive support, including e-mail and phone access to live humans, as well as our helpful online tutorials exclusively for our hosting & design clients to help you with the most frequently used tasks.
Now that you've taken this first important step, you'll want to integrate your new site into an overall Internet and technology strategy. Our sister division, PCS Wired!, can help you do that, with consultation on creative, effective global cyberstategies and award-winning technology training.